Our Projects

Our mission


You have some ideas? We have some too! Often, the means matter the most. You have what it takes to make it happen? Join us! We work hard to turn ideas into reality.


Finding leverage isn't easy. Crowds, dragons, angels, private or banking institutions, we have learned a few things about funding. If you can help fund some of our projects, let us know!


We prioritise people wherever they are to be found in the world. We believe that passion, respect, collaboration and pleasure allow to accomplish little miracles.


In this digital age of social media and information, we use online solutions as much as we can. Online Stores, Websites, Social Networks, Video Promotions, In-game/In-app Advertising and more.

about us

A small but ambitious company, AJIS has been founding and promoting projects since 2001. It started by organising events under the "Anonyme" banner, which orchestrated a number of successful parties. It then created the Ultra Select Comedy Club which saw the birth of many comedians like Olivier Martineau, Simon Leblanc and François Bellefeuille.

AJIS has participated in many daring initiatives, some of which didn't achieve the expected success, such as Flowerbox and Avaya Live Engage. Still, through these endeavors, we have been rewarded with a great deal of experience.

We always liked video games and apps so we took a major turn to specialise in the field these past years. Most of our projects are now either apps or video games. Be sure to check out our latest projects!


Partners in fun

We have worked with people located all over the world. We have a pipeline that allows collaboration from anywhere; everyone on a project may communicate and collaborate from the premises of their choice.

IN Studios

IN Studios has been a long time ally in creating 3D and interactive content. A fundamental partner.


We have collaborated on many projects with Bastien Art. These people are originally fun and have explosive ideas. It's always with great pleasure that we partner with them.